The Movie

The movie Assassin’s Creed was released in december 2016 and although the film has some characteristic features of the games, like the Leap of Faith, the Bleeding Effect, the Abstergo Foundation, the Animus machine, the story has no connection with the events from the game franchise.


Despite the fact that the machine which access the genetic code and the memories has the name Animus as in the games, it’s not working in the same way. While in the games the user just sits down in a chair, in the film the machine lifts the user in the air, allowing for a more modern, interactive and dramatic experience.

The plot follows Callum Lynch, who is captured by Absergo, a Templar Foundation, in order to use him and his memories of Aguilar from his DNA to find the Apple of Eden, which contains the genetic code for free will. Aguilar de Nerha is an assassin from the 15th century, Spain, and a descendant of Callum.